SEX SCANDAL: Threats to disclose Lizzy Jay's leaked sextape were made over the phone by an unidentified blackmailer

According to the news recieved by Mp3shot it revelead that Threats to disclose Lizzy Jay's leaked sextape were made over the phone by an unidentified blackmailer. (Read More Here)

In a digital age where online privacy is paramount, Nigerian skit maker Adebola Adeyela, renowned as Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan, has recently faced a distressing ordeal. 

She took to her Instagram account to share her unsettling story about an unidentified individual who has been menacingly threatening to expose her private video.

A few months ago, Lizzy Jay found herself in the grips of a severe health crisis. She was plagued by skin rashes that affected major parts of her body, along with the discomfort of haemorrhoids and unexplained bleeding. 

Concerned about her condition, she turned to her trusted friend and physician for help.

Rather than opting for a physical examination, Lizzy Jay opted to share her condition with her doctor through a video she had recorded. 

This choice seemed reasonable at the time, given the convenience of telemedicine and her doctor's familiarity with her medical history. She sent over screenshots of the video, hoping to receive expert guidance on her health issues.

However, the story took a distressing turn when Lizzy Jay began receiving ominous messages on her social media accounts. 

A mysterious individual, who remains unidentified, started making unsettling comments on her posts, insinuating that they possessed compromising content involving her. 

This content pertained to her most vulnerable moments, which she had shared with her doctor in good faith.

The situation escalated when the individual went beyond mere comments. They sent emails to Lizzy Jay, attaching screenshots from the private video, making it clear that they were intent on exposing her. 

To make matters worse, the perpetrator even resorted to making threatening phone calls from a private number.

The individual who sought to exploit Lizzy Jay's vulnerability went a step further by hacking into one of her email accounts, ultimately gaining access to her Snapchat. 

This breach of trust, coupled with the blatant threats, has left Lizzy Jay understandably shaken. 


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