VIDEO: Instagram influencer seen eating faeces

Instagram model has been caught on camera or video eating the poo of an Arab man in Dubai porta potty scandal.

In the trending video, the yet-to-be-identified Instagram influencer is seen as she positioned her mouth under the buttocks of an Arab man who began to poo in her mouth for $50K.

The video is going viral on Twitter. 

Few things you need to know about Dubai porta potty:

"The porta-potty of Dubai 

You are probably familiar with hookup but there is a hookup pro max that you’ve never heard of. It’s called Porta-potty which literally means a human potty or a mobile potty. Many Nigerian women travel to Dubai to do this. What does it mean?

"A porta-potty not only sleeps with but also eats the faeces of Arab men who poo on their body and inside their mouth directly. It’s a form of sexual fantasy or fettish which is very common among rich Arab men. Their client get shat on, pissed on, spat on and degraded in every possible way and that how they get their sexual satisfaction. The girl is paid upto $50 000 (25m plus) . 

"Typically, half of the payment is deposited before the girl catches the flight and the remaining half is paid after the deed has been done. If at any point, the girl feels payment. 

"These same women will buy the choicest human hairs, shoes and bags, post vacation photos, stage surprise gifts for themselves and oppress you and you’ll compare yourself with them and feel like a failure because you didn’t have what they have but you don’t know what goes on behind the camera and all the posh pictures. 

"Jealous nobody for whatever glory you see, a price has been paid.

It might have been a good price or a bad price."


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