VIDEO: Queen Lolly, a well-known South African sidekick, claims to have had relations with rapper AKA Worldwide.

According to the information received by Mp3shot it stated that Queen Lolly, a well-known South African sidekick, claims to have had relations with rapper AKA Worldwide. (Read More Here)
This week, the Maskandi artist made news when she asserted that she had a sexual relationship with the deceased rapper AKA, who was dating Nadia Nakai.

Queen Lolly recently made the shocking admission that she's "happy" to be a sidekick to some of South Africa's top superstars.

Rapper Big Zulu and Queen Lolly are said to have had a committed relationship. She claimed to have learned, though, that she was not the main chick as she had previously imagined after several years of dating.

Yet she is said to have warmed more than simply AKA's bed.

The singer raved on Omakhwapeni about her bedtime shenanigans with the rapper, who she said gave her financial support.

Queen Lolly has spilled all the beans during her session of Omakhwapheni Podcast. The upcoming singer also claims to have had a relationship with musician Big Zulu, Master KG and the late, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes.

However, nobody could have prepared Musa Khawula and his co-host when Queen Lolly played a recording of her and Musa Mseleku in bed. To dignify her claims that indeed her and Musa Mseleku were once an item, Queen Lolly have all the receipts to prove it.

When questioned about her relationship to Musa Mseleku, who obviously have his hands full with his other four wives. Queen Lolly quickly wanted to reach for her phone and substantiate her claims and the alleged relationship.

It appears Queen Lolly made it her mission to record each and every encounter she had with Musa Mseleku. Following after being accused of making things things up. She proceeded to play a record when she initially met up with Musa Mseleku.

Caught in complete disbelief, scores of tweeps have slammed Queen Lolly as a clout chaser and spreading false information. Queen Lolly continued to maintain her truth surrounding the claims about her and Musa Mseleku.

"At least my dad is deceased. This is so embarrassing" wrote Sanele Swazii."


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