Selman ALTUNBA Phiec and Mesut BOZTEMUR, two young boys, were detained for mocking those who perished under the rubble following the earthquake in Turkey.

According to the information received by Mp3shot it stated that Selman ALTUNBA Phiec and Mesut BOZTEMUR, two young boys, were detained for mocking those who perished under the rubble following the earthquake in Turkey. (Read More Here)
Information reads: "Videodaki Phiec adlı kişi: Ad Soyad: Selman ALTUNBAŞ İkamet: Çorlu (Gözaltına alındı)
2- Baba Pro adlı kişinin bilgileri: Ad Soyad: Mesut BOZTEMUR İkamet: İstanbul

"3- Atatv44 kurucusu bilgileri: Ad Soyad: Deha TUZCU Doğum Tarihi: 11.12.2002 Anne Adı: Derya Baba Adı: Hakan. SON DAKİKA !
Enkaz altındaki depremzedeleri arayıp dalga geçen ve ses kaydını yayınlayan 'Phiec' rumuzlu Vatan Haini Selman Altunbaş isimli şahıs gözaltına alındı !!
Devlet şaka yapmaz Kardeş!!"

He reportedly has breathing difficulties and an injury to his right foot, and has been transported to hospital.

According to A BOLA, the former FC Porto player, Christian Atsu, a 31-year-old Ghanaian striker who plays for Hatayspor, in Turkey, and who was missing under the rubble (see associated news) as a result of the magnitude earthquake, has already been found alive. 7.8 on the Richter scale that shook southern Turkey and northern Syria, causing more than 2,500 deaths, according to the latest figures from local authorities, in addition to thousands of injured and displaced people (see associated news).

Christian Atsu is in hospital with injuries to his right foot and breathing difficulties. 

Hatay was one of the most affected Turkish cities and Hatayspor is experiencing moments of great distress. In addition to Atsu, the sporting director, Taner Savut, and a club interpreter were also uncontactable. The rescue teams managed to find the footballers Onur Ergun and Burak Oksuz alive, while Kerim Alici managed to get out from under the rubble by his own means. Portuguese Rúben Ribeiro and Cape Verdean Zé Luís are safe.

Safe is Kasimpasa's entourage, who spent the night in Hatay after Sunday's match for the championship. The team returns this Monday to Istanbul on a private flight.

Residents jolted out of sleep by the pre-dawn quake rushed outside in the rain and snow to escape falling debris, while those who were trapped cried for help. Throughout the day, major aftershocks rattled the region, including a jolt nearly as strong as the initial quake. After night fell, workers were still sawing away slabs and pulling out bodies as desperate families waited for news on trapped loved ones.

“My grandson is 1 1/2 years old. Please help them, please. We can’t hear them or get any news from them since morning. Please, they were on the 12th floor,” Imran Bahur wept by her destroyed apartment building in the Turkish city of Adana. Her daughter and family were still not found.

Tens of thousands who were left homeless in Turkey and Syria faced a night in the cold. In Turkey’s Gaziantep, a provincial capital about 33 kilometers (20 miles) from the epicenter, people took refuge in shopping malls, stadiums and community centers. Mosques around the region were opened to provide shelter.
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