LEAKED SEXTAPE: Trolls in Kenya created rumors that Betty Kyalo was in a sex video

According to the information received by Mp3shot it stated that Trolls in Kenya created rumors that Betty Kyalo was in a sex video. (Read More Here)
Taking to social media, a few Kenyan trolls, began to say that a leaked sex video of Betty Kyalo is making rounds on Twitter and Reddit.

After much investigation, it was found out that Betty Kyalo has no leaked sextape. Leaked Sextape is believed to always reunite Kenyans and other nationalities as it gives joy to them.

Reactions below:

Michael/, Kenyan celebrities walisema ugly nibbas hii mwaka hatuteseki umeona hio video ya Betty Kyalo ama huna connection 😂.

Police: Umeona hii video ya Betty Kyalo ama hauna connection nikudropie?

Cybercrime:, Izo video mnasema zimeleak za Betty kyalo heri nisione but ain't clicking that telegram link.

Priddy: ni mimi peke yangu nimescreen all your comments na sijapata link ya video? aki earth is hard. Wangapi wamesumbuka kama mimi?

Abel: I have exhausted all avenues looking for Betty Kyalo's leaks. This is how I am and I have not seen it.

Simi: Where are we heading? Where is our society going? Where is our good morality as a society? Where is the link? Where is the link? Where is the liiiiiiiink?

Bob: She looks fine, ain't nothing wrong for going for a swim 👙 with bikinis,hizi si siku za akina Delilah.

Preston: But because of gonorrhea outbreak in Nairobi, I Surrender Regardless of Legitimacy
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