SCREENSHOTS: Khanyi Arabile Gumede is criticized by Charlie for leaving her at a hotel in London.

According to the information received by Mp3shot it stated that Khanyi Arabile Gumede is criticized by Charlie for leaving her at a hotel in London.(Read More Here)
Taking to social media, Khanyi Charlie, began to call Arabile Gumede a liar, scammer and swindler after he had left her hanging in London.

Khanyi wrote: "There are liars, cheats and manipulators and then there is this man!We spend months going back and forth because I had challenges fully trusting him as there were a plethora of red flags but he would persist 🚩🚩🚩🚩

I am writing this sitting in a hotel in London - invited by a man who has for the past year; strung me along, lied to and gaslit me to no end.

But I will keep to the most recent events. A few months ago (July) he asked that we arrange see each other with the hopes of entering some sort of long distance relationship - things were a non starter in SA this would be a “second chance”.

Because of Brexit we need visas, in the visa application process he provided the supporting documentation including his passport and residence permits for the uk, and an invitation letter on which he refers to me as his “partner” I am shocked by this but it feels good.

We later have a disagreement about what we are and he tells we we’ll define us in person - he tells me he wants to do this properly.

He constantly tells me that he needs me and wants me and is alone and unhappy he is - which was ALL a lie.

After two months of waiting I received my visa and was able to plan a trip to see him - his visa had not yet been granted. Lord knows if it is even true. I get cold feet, but this is what he tells me.

Days before my arrival he tells me that he’s broke but at this point we had spoken almost daily about seeing each other so him being broke doesn’t really bother me (tbh it wouldn’t have in any context).

I get on the plane, and then think to DM someone I perceived to be a friend of his, this women (lovely woman) tells me he is not in hospital and is actually on his way to Dubai

She also adds that they have been getting to know each other. While comparing notes we see that the weekend he asked me to give him a second chance was their first date. And he’s most likely with her when he’s texting me the neverending “I need you” “I want you” and “I miss you”.

This man had been putting on a show and lying consistently to me - he told me his birthday was miserable that he was at work when he was spoilt, wined and dined by his actual girlfriend


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