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VIDEO: Devs of Phasmophobia accused of racism and sexism in DMs on Discord

Devs of Phasmophobia accused of racism and sexism in DMs on Discord.
Taking to social media, Dandy, began to share some nasty messages sent by suspected Admins of Devs of Phasmophobia on Discord. 

The messages have gone viral and many people are calling for the boycott of Devs of Phasmophobia. The messages posted to some ladies, brown and black people are irritating lots of Americans on social media. 

Dandy wrote: "So who else knew that the phasmophobia devs are housing a sex pest in their official discord by keeping him admin and refusing to take any claims against him seriously bc I sure do now :).

"I will not say much about it on behalf of the friend that is STILL dealing with the fallout of it all but I'm gonna actually ask ppl to pls not play phasmophia anymore, even with the newest update coming out soon

"It's rotten to the core. I've been given the okay to share this! So I'm going to. This is from the mouth of the lead artist. Apparently it is A-okay to leak nudes to your friends, according to him! I will share more as it is given to me. (Note: nudes of my friend were not shared, but someone else's were).

"heres another one of the same lead artist saying 2 lads doing normal stuff aka sharing nudes! its completely normal guy things. take what you want out of these. but a team that fosters this kind of shit is not a team you want to support.

"hi everyone i have videos. 2 of them, in fact. unedited convos w/ the racist admin (same one that leaked nudes, also). All right I'm muting this tweet. Remember to hold people accountable, even if they made your favorite game, and thank you for taking this seriously. it means the world to my friend that ppl care enough to spread the word, and I'm sure it means the world to the other victims, too.

"All right i am back. CJ has me unblocked and is saying the screenshots i posted about "2 lads having a normal convo" were taken out of context. heres a full video of the entire exchange. i will have more to post also, later on if any of them want to claim that they werent aware."


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